10 Acre with Creek

Get away to your own retreat

Ideal for a place of safety, community or private retreat deep in the Arkansas Ozark mountains!

Perfect off the grid property

Ever-running spring that can provide water to an existing home set overlooking a large creek that runs year-around.


116 Lyons Creek

Melbourne, AR 72736

Do you want peace and serenity- are you looking for an off the road place to retire, or have a recreational retreat.. or the perfect bug-out sanctuary? If so I have the perfect spot, ten acres surrounded by the Ozark mountains. Plenty of wildlife, very quite, springs, and a large spring fed creek boarders one side of the 10 acres.

The property is 4 miles off of a black top highway and accessible by crossing a rock bottom creek. It lies between Mountain View Arkansas and Melbourne Arkansas, deep into the Ozark mountains. A 4 wheel vehicle is preferred, but not necessary.

There is flat land for a garden and water from the creek or spring to water your garden. There are trees and a hillside to build a shelter, earth home or underground home. There is also a unexplored cave to check out! Electric service already on the property, if desired!
If this sounds like something you would like – ask for our phone number!
  • The spring fed creek runs the full length of the property.
  • You have to cross it to get onto the property.
  • The creek can be crossed any time of the year because the creek bed is a solid sheet of rock.
  • There a very nice wooded hillside on the property!
  • It also has a rock ledge you can sit up under, and has a cave that is a little hard to get into, but it goes back quite a ways. A rock needs to be cleared from the entrance to make it easier to get in.
  • The hillside is covered in trees.
  • A bunker could be cut into that hill side and probably never be seen.
  • An old house was removed from this spot. The septic tank is old and needs to be replaced.
  • The water source for the house was a spring.
  • A new pump is available for pumping spring water if requested.
  • There is a county road to the property? It is a dirt road and is about 4 miles to the paved road (Hwy 9).
  • This property has a Melbourne mailing address which is about 12 miles away.
  • It is about 60 miles to Mountain Home, the other close by town of any size.
  • The elevation is about 700 ft. because it is in a valley in the mountains
  • The natives say the water never got out of its banks. It is a solid rock bottom like all of the creeks around here
  • The creek is the boundary to the 10 acres. So the grass and hillside are both on one side of the property. We think there is a small amount of property on the other side of the creek which is in trees, and then the dirt road coming to the property.
  • We have only mowed the grass. We have no reason to bail it as we have no animals.
The 10 acres is on Sandmine Rd. and it is 4 miles away from Hwy 9. So, if you can find Melborne on the map. and then hwy 9 and then Sandmine Rd, and then Lyons creek that is about 4 miles from hwy 9 you are in the right neighborhood.
There are no mailboxes on the entire 4 mile stretch of the road, so there doesn’t seem to be a physical address you can count on.
It is 12 miles from Melborne to the 10 acres.
It is 8 miles from Melborne to the junction of hwy 9 and SandmineRd.
It is 4 miles from why 9 to the entrance to the 10 acres.

Listed Price: $35,000. <<<>>> With $10,000 down can have 3 years to pay off balance.

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