A beautiful home with a magnificent view,  6 barns, and 60 acres of pasture land. All on 81 acres near famous Eureka Springs, AR in the natural Ozarks.

3 bed, 2 bath, 2,400 sq ft. oversized garage.   CLICK HERE


Build Your Homestead On A Few Acres Deep In The Beautiful Ozark Mountains With Like-Minded Christians

That was quite a mouth full! So lets say it another way.

As Christians -who are preparing for these prophetic end-times- we invite like minded Christians to buy land in our housing development and build your homestead there. You can buy as many acres as you wish; one acre being the minimum.

Think of it as being a housing development for Christian Preppers exclusively. You own your property and you use it as you wish. And your Christian neighbors are doing likewise. Yet, it is a Christian Community of Intentional Neighbors. We coined a new phrase… “intentional neighbors” to capture this concept. This is not the old Hippie commune concept or common purse concept.

This large acreage of Goshen-like land is in what Christian Preppers call a “safe-zone”. (Goshen was on prime land, and was exempt from the plagues. (Gen 46:34, Ex 8:22, Ex 9:26). It is on very isolated and untouched ranch land with many beautiful views.

This is not a church or a cult or religion. This is a neighborhood of diverse races and doctrinal groups who want to have Christian neighbors. Love your neighbor as yourself (Mat ) motivates us to homestead among like minded Christians in this serene agrarian setting in the Ozark Mountains.

Our intentions are to eventually be able to be totally self-sufficient in our ability to provide all our needs, physically, mentally, and especially spiritually.

Potentially we hope that our neighborhood of neighbors will be able to go off-grid before the eventuality of the grid going off. 

This is a vision being fulfilled… right now!
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Representive of soon to be built houses
Picture shown here reflect what is soon coming


-Huge Cave- Private or Commercial Use

Actually we have 3 huge caves.  Please inquire about the other two.

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The entrance is over 70′ wide and 40 ‘ high.  The cave is 1.4 miles long.  A spring flows the full length of the cave.  There is a waterfall inside and outside the cave that flows into a year around creek.

Cave Stream Exits Cave in Waterfall into  Year Around Creek

Paradise Awaits

Discover Paradise by Escape to Belize

Hurry! Your paradise is waiting in Belize! See all of our Belize listings.  Contact us soon as this property is moving fast!

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Paradise Awaits

Chalet in Heaven Valley Belize

Hurry! Your paradise is waiting in Belize! See all of our listings.  Contact us soon as this property is moving fast!

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Oregano was my “Aha!” moment in my journey with essential oils. I realized that this stuff is the real deal and I knew from that moment forward that I had a responsibility to tell other people about my discovery. Click the button below to contact me to learn more and to order your bottle today!

Listed Price: $160,000

Bull Shoals Lake
80 acres of property.

There are no wells or streams or buildings on these two properties.

he 80 acre tract has a lake views and in places is adjacent to the Corps of Engineers property. This land is In Marion County Arkansas but is on the Missouri boarder. Learn more click here

OWNER FINANCING! Properties in Madison and Carroll Counties for sale.

Inquire about price and exact location.
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WITH $5,000 DOWN

This cabin is on the shores of Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma’s largest lake with 600 miles of shore line.

The cabin sits on 5 lots, each 30 x 70 ft. Septic, well, electric on the 5 lots. Perfect for RV hookup. For more information click here

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