Kenneth Uptegrove

Ken is uniquely qualified to both operate as a website developer and a Marketing Director who write ads that get buyers for his FOR SALE BY OWNER CUSTOMERS. This Octarian started his computer career in 1965 as a mainframe computer operator and programmer and went into semi-retirement in 1986. In 1990 he bought his first table top computer to write articles and a book on. In 1991 he put up his first website to share those articles on, and it still is up and doing well today.
Around 2011 Ken was asked by a good friend to advertise a property and other items for them. Then other land owners started asking Ken to advertise for them as well. Ken never intended to get into this business, it just came to him and he has discovered that he really enjoys the creativity… and the pay… that one experiences doing this kind of work.

Customers reviews

"Ken did a great job finding a buyer for our off grid house. He did better than all the realtors including United Country. I highly recommend him. He was very responsive and helpful."